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The Maze Runner (Maze Runner Series #1)

The Maze Runner - James Dashner I went into this book knowing nothing. At all. Very much like Thomas, the main character, and so I was on the edge of my seat through this whole entire crazy, thrilling, and terrifying book!I think the thing that deserves the highest praising is the world-building. You’re thrown into a completely unfamiliar environment, and slowly learn how things work. Seeing how the Glade has developed, and how they function as a society is really interesting. And the idea that anyone in the world would decide to set children into such a horrible situation is probably the most terrifying thing.The characters were all fascinating. Those which we were introduced to had very distinct personalities. I think my favorite characters were Chuck and Teresa. Chuck might not have been the smartest of the bunch, but he was kind and forgiving and loyal and I loved that about him. And then there’s Teresa. Even though she’s kind of in a coma for most of the book, I liked her attitude and personality and seeing how she interacted with Thomas.The writing was different from what I usually read (I’m used to a female narrator I guess), but it certainly wasn’t bad. I wasn’t a big fan of the swear words they’d developed in the Glade. It was really excessive (although, what should I expect from a bunch of boys?) and drove me crazy!!! And one thing that bugged me throughout the whole book was this: It’s made well-known early on that they get one boy once a month, and that they’ve been there for two years. Well, that would equal 24 boys, right? Except I’m pretty sure at least a dozen people died before Thomas ever showed up. So now we’re down to twelve. But there are definitely more than twelve guys around. And then near the end it’s mentioned that there are well-over 40 boys there. Now, where did that number come from? This is never cleared up, and was nagging me the whole time.So, all in all this book was really good, with just a couple minor problems. And, most importantly, it left me begging for the next one (which I promptly, at 1AM, requested from the library)!