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Bewitching: The Kendra Chronicles

Bewitching - Alex Flinn I think Alex Flinn is amazing. Even though none of her books have earned the coveted 5-star rating on this blog, I love them for their ingenuity. She takes such a familiar story, and completely reinvents it. And unlike most fairy tale retellings, she plops her characters down into the real world and gives them real-life situations the deal with.And the best part of this is having Kendra meddle in their lives. Kendra is one of my favorite YA characters. She’s spunky, plus she’s a witch. She has a wicked attitude, but she’s still a teenage girl (just one who’s been alive for hundreds of years). Though the majority of this book isn’t narrated by Kendra, when she pops in the leave her piece of mind, it ever so memorable.I’m not sure exactly what I thought of Emma. At times she could be really irritating, but then I would step back and take a look at the big picture, and understand better where she was coming from, making her more tolerable. One thing I did enjoy was seeing Emma play the role of the ugly stepsister, and our Cinderella being cast as the villain.Once again Alex Flinn manages to deliver a highly enjoyable modern fairytale with a whole new twist. (And props to Alex for throwing Into the Woods in there!)