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The Swan Kingdom

The Swan Kingdom - Zoe Marriott Originally posted on Debz BookshelfIt’s so difficult to find words to properly describe my love of Zoe Marriott. This book was absolutely stunning. It’s hard to find a single fault within these pages. The writing was gorgeous. I knew it would be, but I loved it much more than I ever thought I could’ve. It flowed so gracefully, and told the story beautifully.All the characters were amazing. They were realistic, but at the same time most certainly belonged in a fairy tale. Alexandra was a wonderful, strong heroine. Though I found her a bit stubborn at some times, for the most part I enjoyed reading of her journey. Oh, and Gabriel. I want a Gabriel. He’s the perfect prince charming!My one complaint is that it ended too quickly. I would’ve been happy with 100 more pages for the ending to play out more thoroughly. The ending was still very powerful and one of my favorite parts, but it was so quick, and I may have enjoyed it more if it had been more thought out.This book felt familiar, like an old friend, but at the same time was very fresh. It’s a very original retelling that will capture the hearts of many!