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MILA 2.0

MILA 2.0 - Mila 2.0 was exhilarating! It send my head spinning in so many directions that by the time I was finished I couldn’t tell which way was up! It was loaded with kick-butt action and a thrilling plot, but also raises some very real questions that make you think.The book starts as you’d expect any normal story about any normal girl would, but soon Mila’s world is turned on its head when she finds out she isn’t human. Instead, she’s a secret military project who has to hide from all those weirdo’s who are trying to catch her and do who-knows-what. So Mila and her “mom” run. And thus beings an adventure of a lifetime!Mila was a wonderful main character. She starts out kind of confused and alone, but still sure of who she is. After she finds out she isn’t human, though, she really doesn’t know what in the world to think. She was easily relatable and I was able to warm up to her quickly. There was a lot of internal conflict as Mila tries to understand who and what she is. What makes you human? Is it all physical and no emotional? That’s exactly what Mila’s trying to figure out. This and everything else she goes through adds a lot to her complexity and development throughout the book.I loved that Mila was at the forefront of the novel. Sure there’s romance and action, but Mila herself is the center of attention and everything else comes second, only there when it’s playing an important role in the plot. I think less and less we’re seeing books that are so clearly character driven, so I appreciated that.Mila 2.0 was an outstanding debut with a promising future!