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Send Me a Sign - Tiffany Schmidt Um… I completely forgot when I was scheduled to post for the blog tour, and then I checked and saw it was the 18th and realized it had long since passed. So hopefully no one will be heartbroken that this review is coming almost a week late, because it was worth the wait!I loved this book! I’m not usually a big fan of contemporary, especially when it’s about something as scary and real as cancer. But this book was wonderful. It felt so real. It wasn’t cheesy or overwhelming or anything else it easily could’ve turned into. It was just a simple. balance, realistic story about an amazingly strong girl.I can’t even begin to imagine how impossibly difficult Mia’s life was. I’ve had to deal with lots of hardships, but never anything as scary as cancer. It destroyed her life. But what destroyed it even more than the leukemia was the fact that she chose to keep it hidden from everyone.I loved both Ryan and Gyver so much in different ways. Ryan starts out as the perfect trophy boyfriend, but once her learns about her cancer, his true colors show and he becomes so hopelessly devoted to Mia. And Gyver. He had been in the friend-zone for so long, it was hard to tell where exactly he fit in Mia’s life. But I’m happy to say that I’m satisfied with how both boys ended up.I kind of wish Mia’s superstitions had played a larger role in the plot. They were definitely there near the end, but not as much in the beginning. There would be brief mentions of 4 leaf clovers or a magic 8 ball, but I think I would’ve appreciated them later on if they’d played a larger part earlier.I was very satisfied with Send Me a Sign. Tiffany Schmidt is an extremely talented author who wrote a beautifully touching first novel. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!Language: Moderate (Multiple s*** d*** f*** g** b******)Sensuality: Moderate (Ryan keeps talking about how he wants to sleep with Mia. Ryan and Mia almost sleep together before being interrupted by Gyver. Chris thinks Mia is pregnant)Violence: Mild (I don’t recall much violence at all)Recommended age: 15+