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The Goose Girl (Books of Bayern)

The Goose Girl - Shannon Hale I will never be able to thank the friend who introduced me to Shannon Hale three years ago deeply enough. At first I thought titles like “Goose Girl” and “Princess Academy” sounded stupid, and brushed off any attempts to get me to read either. Then one day I was at the library and decided I would finally give it a go. It changed my life.And the Goose Girl is what started it all. It’s such a simple story, but with Shannon Hale’s lyrical prose and original characters, it becomes an unforgettably magical adventure. I don’t know if I can accurately describe my feeling towards this book. It’s just too perfect.The characters are so perfect. I found myself connecting with Ani/Isi and all the other characters much more now than I did several years ago when I first met them because now I’ve been through so much more, and can relate to some of what they’ve been through (though my lady-in-waiting hasn’t tried to kill me yet…)The writing is probably my favorite part of this whole book. It is so deep and rich and lyrical and gorgeous. It’s extremely similar to that of original fairy tales. In fact, I was reading the original Goose Girl alongside this one, and found it hard to decipher the voice; although after careful consideration, Shannon Hale wins!