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Life, Love, and The Pursuit of Free Throws

Life, Love, and The Pursuit of Free Throws - Janette Rallison Cami and Josie are BFFL. They play basketball together, they shop together, they talk about families, homework, and boys.Josie plays basketball all for the fun of it, and is a master at free throws. Cami plays to win, but can’t make a free throw to save her life.Their friendship starts to fall apart after Josie discovers that Cami has been flirting with Ethan, Josie’s long-time crush. This starts to affect everything else in their life. Now their crumbling friendship is crumbling their chances of playing basketball with WNBA star Rebecca Lobo.I love Janette Rallison even more with each word of hers I read! I enjoyed her other books more, but this was still really good.I found the shifting perspectives confusing because of how similar the characters and their voices were. I liked the ending. It was a short, simple story that I thought was enjoyable.