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Winter's Child (Once Upon a Time (Simon Pulse))

Winter's Child - Cameron Dokey Quickly, I want to point out that the description from Goodreads has several flaws. First, it's Grace's grandmother who tells the stories, not Kai's. Second, when Kai is enticed to leave, it isn't a dream, He's wide awake and willing follows the actual Winter Child, which leads me to the third problem: Diedre is never referred to as the "Snow Queen", only the Winter Child. I wasn't super familiar with the story of The Snow Queen when I read this. I had read parts of it, but never got a chance to read it as a whole.This was okay. I enjoyed the writing, but the story seemed kind of lost. There were moments when I had no clue what was going on, and at others it just seemed weird. I thought the idea of how Diedre became a Winter Child was interesting.The relationships didn't seem realistic. The story could've ended realistically with Grace and Kai getting married before Diedre is even introduced, but instead they act irrationally just so the story is more then 50 pages long. Then at the end everyone is married to someone they hardly knew in person.I wish it had been longer and better planned out. I think the Snow Queen has a lot of potential when it comes to retellings, and I don't think this lived up to that potential.Still, it was an okay, quick read.