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A Million Suns: An Across the Universe Novel

A Million Suns - Beth Revis ORIGINALLY POSTED ON Debz BookshelfAMAZING!WOW! From the moment I opened the book, I knew it would be hard to stop--and boy was I right! In just the first couple of pages, exciting secrets are being revealed. Beth Revis is a plot-making master. She knows how to lead the reader through a labyrinth full of twists and turns, with the reader never knowing what will happen next.I loved the whole goose chase going on, with one clue leading her to the next. I especially enjoyed the way some classic literature played its way into the clues. The best part of this: Harry Potter managed to make it's way onto Godspeed, being counted as a classic piece of literature worthy of being transported to another planet! (Sadly, it doesn't work it's way into the plot. It's just a brief mention of JK Rowling, but that's enough to make me happy =D)In this book, as well as the first, you really feel trapped. I find that feeling in most, if not all, dystopia books because they ARE trapped in some way or another. But this series is different, because they're trapped both more so and less so. They are trapped in a giant spaceship, where everything feels claustrophobic and there's no real escape; but at the same time they know they'll reach Centauri-Earth eventually, and will be forever free. I was completely in shock from the big reveal in the middle. I was literally yelling "WWWHHHAAAAAATTT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?". The other big secret at the end was kind of a let down, though, mostly because it's something I'd already considered after reading the first chapter of the first book, so I wasn't very surprised. (Well, I was, but it wasn't the same kind of giant shock)As far as "mature" stuff goes, it's really cleaned up from the first one, as there's no mating season going on (THANK GOODNESS!)There is a lot of death and gore, though. And there remains a large amount of made up curse words.I would tell you to go read it now, but I want to spare you the pain of waiting 11 months for the last book like I now have to. Read it at your own risk. Some side-effects may include crying out in pain, yanking your hair out, and slapping your face with the book. You have been warned!