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Rapunzel Untangled

Rapunzel Untangled - Cindy C. Bennett ***CLICK HERE to see the whole story told through Tangled GIF's! ***This was such a fun, lighthearted retelling of one of my favorite fairy tales.Rapunzel was a great main character. She starts of as an incredibly timid, insecure character, but by the end she was strong and independent. One thing I especially liked was that, while she became a stronger character, she never forgot who she was, and kept the same clever, kind personality that defined her as a character.The romance was sweet and light. What starts out as flirting on Facebook turns into a real relationship. They came to honestly care about each other without being over the top about it. They had chemistry that developed throughout the story.I didn't like Gothel much at all. She's supposed to be this wickedly clever, cold-hearted woman, but to me she came across as a weak, bumbling fool who could even tell a decent lie to Rapunzel without exposing everything. She never gave a clear answer that sounded the slightest bit convincing. That may have been intentional to show another side of her we don’t see often, but I personally wasn’t a fan of her character.Rapunzel Untangled was a fast, fun retelling that I definitely recommend to fans of Rapunzel (especially Tangled)!