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My Very Unfairy Tale Life

My Very UnFairy Tale Life - Anna Staniszewski Originally posted on Debz BookshelfThis was a super quick, fun, and quirky book. I didn’t know anything about it besides it had an awesome title and cover, but that was enough to make me pick it up just in time for Fairy Tale Fortnight!It was action packed and tons of fun! Jenny is an Adventurer, and as such, has the responsibility to keep peace among the many magical realms. This leads her on many strange quests, which result in things such as being stabbed by a unicorn horn and having her mouth removed by a lunatic clown.And speaking of clowns, Klarr sure was creepy. A clown with no mouth who has cursed practically everyone elses mouths off. I’ve never liked clowns, but I think Klarr has just ensured that I don’t head to the circus any time soon! (And as I type this, my friend who is, in fact, a professional clown (yes, I know), is liking my facebook status…)Other than that, I loved all the characters. They were fun and definitely belong in fairy tale worlds. Anthony was definitely a favorite. He reminded me very much of Chrissy from My Fair Godmother. He’s the side-kick/helper who manages to get by doing the bare minimum, while spending most of the time with something trivial (in his case, candy!)The writing was fun and light, and carried the story with ease, and lots of humor. There were many moments when I was smiling a cheesy grin or giggling out loud. All in all, it was a fun and very unique adventure, and I look forward to going on another adventure like that sometime soon!