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The False Prince (Ascendance Trilogy Series #1)

The False Prince (Ascendance Trilogy Series #1) - This book was better than perfect. Everything about it was fantastic. I cannot give it enough praise--but I think I can try.For one thing, Sage was pretty awesome. He was so clever, and rather attractive as well. I could read scene after scene of Sage's inner dialogue, and be satisfied. Another thing I loved about him was how he remained firm in his ways, not letting anyone else tell him what to do. That takes guts!The pacing was perfect. Nothing moved too quickly, but there was always an air of mystery and suspense about the place. Even after everything was revealed, there was still much to be discovered, and found myself surprised every so often.And the little romance going on was so sweet. I was so glad to finally see a slow, calm romance instead of all the steamy, fast-paced romance that you see everywhere!This is something everybody needs to read. It can appeal to fans of all kinds of books, and I hope it does!