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The Amaranth Enchantment

The Amaranth Enchantment - Julie Berry This book was utterly delightful! A light-hearted fairy tale beginning on a similar path of the classic Cinderella story, but taking a turn somewhere along the lines, and ending with a fairy tale ending completely it’s own. In fact, if I hadn’t known beforehand that it was an interpretation of Cinderella, I doubt I would’ve picked up the subtle hints.I loved all the characters so much, but especially Peter. He reminded me of Sage from the False Prince so much, it not even funny (if you’ve read it, then you know exactly what I’m talking about). He was sly and smooth, plus goofy every once in a while. He was just great!The story wasn’t overly complicated, but still had a couple surprises up it’s sleeve! It flowed freely and smoothly, and went by just fast enough to keep the readers attention without skipping over detail.I’d highly recommend this book to fans of Jessica Day George and Gail Carson Levine. The writing, characters, and plot structure are both very similar, and yet clearly distinct from one another. Or if you’re just craving some yummy fairy tales, you need to try this one out.