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Goose Chase - Patrice Kindl Alexandria never thought that being nice to an old lady would result in all it did. First she becomes drop dead gorgeous, which leads to a king and a prince locking her up and a tower and fighting over her hand in marriage. Thankfully, her 12 geese come and rescue her, but then her problems really start...This was such a fun little book! It's the perfect example of a real fairy tale. Something exciting happens in the beginning, only to be followed by much misery and woe until finally the heroine reaches a happily ever after. But it remains utterly charming throughout all the struggles she faces!All the characters were unique and wonderful to read about. I particularly enjoyed the character Alexandria's hair became! I never thought about how hair might have a personality! The ending was particularly surprising and fun to read! It takes a true genius to weave together that kind of end to a fairy tale!