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Splintered - A.G. Howard This book was utterly brilliant and grotesquely delicious. A. G. Howard took the enchanting Wonderland we grew up with and turned it into a beautiful yet disturbing land that goes beyond your wildest dreams (and nightmares). Alyssa goes on a series of quests that take us back to the most memorable moments of her ancestors original journey, which may not have been as pretty as Carrol depicted it.The writing was wonderful. It enveloped me into the twisted world, with amazing descriptions and strong characters. There would be passages I would just want to read over and over again, which happens very rarely for me.One element that had me kind of confused for the majority of the book was the love triangle. In my opinion, it was very obvious early on that Alice would fall for Jeb, the boy next door who’s always been her best friend, so where she started having feelings towards Morpheus, the sexy creeper from Wonderland, I wasn’t very happy. But in the end I was satisfied with how all three ended up.For those of you who think you know Wonderland, you’ve never seen Wonderland like this. It truly does capture the “grotesque madness” in a whole new light, which will leave your mind racing.Minor Sexual Content: Several Passionate Kisses. Talk of certain characters sleeping together (which never actually happens).