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Lexapros and Cons

Lexapros and Cons - So...ummm... I've had this book sitting on my shelf for months, and I never even bothered to read the first page. Had I done so sooner, I couldn't DNF'd it even sooner as well. I don't even know if you can even call it DNF, since I only made it 5 pages. This book sounded like a fun, witty, and very humorous book, but what I was met with was vulgar, unappealing, and simply a lame attempt at trying to be funny. There's genuine funny, and then there's trying to make people laugh by seeing how many times you can make crude references to things that aren't the slightest bit funny, and seeing how many swear words you can slip into a sentence. Honestly I don't mind swearing too much in books, as long as it's being used in the right context, but this was just pathetic. I'm sorry, but this book isn't for me. If you genuinely like crude, offensive humor you might enjoy this, but otherwise I can't say I'd recommend this one.