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The 13-Story Treehouse

The 13-Story Treehouse - Andy Griffiths, Terry Denton This book was a big bowl of crazy. So many out-of-this-world things were happening it was impossible to keep track of it all! I loved the illustrations which played a role at least as important as the written word in this story. I would chuckle as I read, and then examine the corresponding image, which usually consisted of something even more hilarious. The humor was actually humorous, when I find that usually in children’s books that the humor comes off as cheap and dull. While some times it was a little exaggerated, I found myself enjoying it for the most part. This book is about procrastination. Ironically, I read it instead of writing my essay due the next day. But if I got the message just right, as long as I do interesting stuff while procrastinating, everything will work out. *fingers crossed*.