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Also Known As - Robin Benway This book was full of excitement, espionage, and laugh out loud humor. Robin Benway’s clever writing and memorable characters made for the perfect book to make you smile!Maggie is one of my favorite characters ever! She was so snarky and sarcastic, but still took things seriously. She hasn’t had the chance to live a “normal” life, so when she gets the chance, she’s not sure how to do it right. And in the mean time she’s still undercover, so she has to be careful how she goes about creating real relationships with other teenagers.That being said, I loved the chemistry that the various characters had with each other. Roux was kind of crazy and stupid, but behind that persona was a lonely girl who found a friend in Maggie. I loved Angelo, who was a great friend and mentor to Maggie when she couldn’t turn anywhere else. And Jesse was an awesome love interest. I love that she starts off believing he’s a delinquent, only to find that he’s an intelligent, considerate person who’s also a good kisser.One thing I really liked was the balance between fluff and depth. Some of the most memorable scenes were crazy and absolutely hilarious, but my favorites were those where things got darker and more serious, because that’s when you felt closest to the characters.I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fast-paced, butt-kicking, and wildly entertaining stories in the same vein as Ally Carter’s books.