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Eve (Eve Trilogy Series #1)

Eve - Anna Carey STOPPED AROUND 30% INMy first DNF of the year, and it's an audiobook! There was nothing horrible about this book that made me stop, but it wasn't holding my interest at all. Right from the start there was lots of action and horrifying information being revealed, but even though Eve is on the run and everything, it seems like everything just started dragging. I will say that the world-building was good, from what I got from it, but nothing incredibly creative. It actually reminded me a lot about Wither, with a dash of The Giver. But there was nothing particularly new and interesting to me. I also didn't like Eve's character. Even though she's been brainwashed her entire life and has stumbled into a situation that nightmares are made of, I want a character I can root for! And something that bugged me about the audiobook is that the narrator was excellent, but her speaking voice for Eve made her sound like a weak, scared little girl. I've heard it gets better later on, but I'm not invested enough in the characters or plot to care.