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Incarnate - Absolutely one of the most unique books I’ve read this year! It’s completely different from anything else I’ve ever read. I mean, it’s a romantic dystopian fantasy!The world building was wonderful. The world itself was very strange, but it was beautifully constructed. I found it kind of hard to see how dragons could fit into this universe, but it worked out rather nicely. I was somewhat creeped out by the white, pulsating tower and wall surrounding the city at first, but it mostly made sense by the end.I wasn’t sure what to think about all the whole reincarnation thing. Because of my personal beliefs I felt slightly uncomfortable with it, but overall I thought it was handled well. One thing I didn’t understand is why and how these people found life worth living after 5000 years of it. I think there’s magic when you experience a first anything—first steps, first kiss—and that magic is lost when you’ve already done it a thousand times, just with a new body each time.I thought the character development was very evident. Ana starts out with no self esteem, treating herself like she’s less than nothing, and grows into a strong, confident woman.Sam was great. While this is most certainly Ana’s story, Sam’s role is just as important. I loved the way he respected her. He was so considerate and kind to her, when no one else was. And the romance grew into something lovely and real.I loved the symbolism of the music and the butterflies and how they all tied together so well with the plot. I wish I had some examples of how poetically these symbols were drawn, because it really was beautiful. Jodi is one powerful writer!