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Scarlet - Have you ever read a book and thought "There's no way the sequel can measure up"? I know I have! It was called Cinder. Cinder was filled with memorable characters, a unique setting, a thrilling plot, outstanding writing, and a cliffhanger ending like no other. Easily the best book I've ever read. That is, until Scarlet.Scarlet had all that awesome stuff, but it also had the magic that came from introducing a completely new plot to the already remaining plot from the first book. A new set of characters and their problems becoming entwined in those of the first books characters, and as you continue reading you begin to make connections between the two and by the end you're positive you've solved everything. And then you're wrong and completely in awe of Marissa Meyer for being such a genius.I love the new setting. While the cast of Cinder (for the most part) remains in New Beijing, Scarlet resides in the French countryside, and travels throughout France as the story progresses. As someone who's experienced the magic and charm of France, it was great to revisit it with some of my favorite characters.The new characters were amazing. Scarlet was even more of a kick-butt heroine that Cinder ever was. She was feisty and occasionally stubborn, but she was strong and clever. And Wolf. I could never quite figure out which side he was on, and even now I'm not quite sure I remember which side he was on by the end because the climax was so exciting I kept turning pages faster than I could probably absorb all the information. Anyway... Wolf was obviously a complex character, and he had both great tension and chemistry with Scarlet.If you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing Cinder yet, you should get on that! Or if you have read Cinder, whether or not you fell in love with it, I strongly recommend you pre-order Scarlet, because I have a feeling you won't be disappointed.Very Mild Sexual Content: (A couple kisses and some awkward flirting)