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A Tale of Two Castles

A Tale of Two Castles - Greg Call, Gail Carson Levine Elodie has just arrived in Two Castles, leaving her home forever to pursue a career as a mansioner. But she soon learns that she’ll never be able to become a mansioner’s apprentice, so she takes the next best job: a dragon’s assistant. The dragon Meenore enjoys solving mysteries, and is training Elodie to induce and deduce things as well as IT can.Then Elodie is sent by Meenore to go work in the castle of the ogre, Count Jonty Um, hoping to uncover the mysteries that have been surrounding him.Gail Carson Levine has astounded me once again! Reading this felt like visiting an old friend. Her writing is just as amazing as ever, but now it’s in a new setting. Her characters were as unique as ever. Although I figured out who it was the moment Elodie saw them, it was still fun to read how she unravels the mystery herself.