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Endlessly (Paranormalcy Series #3)

Endlessly - Kiersten White This was a bittersweet conclusion to such a fantastic trilogy. It made me laugh and cry (but mostly laugh) incessantly. Loose ends are tied up and readers are left with a smile on their face, and maybe a tear or two in their eyes.The romance was so sweet. Evie and Lend were so cute together (or, um, not together, ‘cause of the whole curse), more so than in the first two books. Their relationship was super cheesy, but you could tell that they were committed, no matter how much Reth and Jack would get in the way.Evie’s development throughout the entire series is especially evident in this book. She’s become a lot more mature, but she’s still managed to retain her snarky attitude. When faced with impossible decisions she’s able to keep calm and sort everything out.I found myself getting frustrated with the story at some times, but it got smoothed out later on. This was a clever and wonderful end to Kiersten White’s amazing series.