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Legend - Before I get into the story, can I just take a moment to say how cool the inside of this book looks? There are two narrators, who switch off narrating chapters. And each narrator has their own font and color! One is black, and one is gold (like, really dark so you can still read it, but gold nonetheless). I noticed this when I was flipping through it at the library, and that basically sealed it’s fate as a book I needed to own even if the story inside was terrible. Luckily, it wasn’t… Legend maybe sounds like just another dystopian thriller that’s exactly like every other, but it’s was much more than that. It was a fantastic adventure with strong characters, unique prose, and an unforgettable plot. June and Day were pretty awesome. They were not afraid to use their brains and they knew how to kick butt, but I also liked how we saw their softer sides. I love the fact that they’re loosely based on Val Jean and Javert from Les Miserables (which I’m obsessed with), and how that was reflected in their personalities. This book was action packed and also full of smarts, which was really awesome. There was awesomeness on every page that kept you turning pages, and the butt-kicking, sexual tension, dangerous secrets, and excellent writing were just a bonus.