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Everneath - I was so pleasantly surprised by this book. I went into it with low expectations because A) it’s a mythology retelling, B) there’s a weird love triangle, C) it has a “pretty girl in a dress” cover. But guess what, it all works out really well! I found all the characters very interesting. Nikki was realistic and convincing. And Jack was pretty awesome. He was both sweet and tough, and a perfect companion for Nikki. And even though they aren’t really “together” for most of the book, they still had good chemistry. I also liked the fact that they had already been together for a while before the book (if you forget about the 100 years Nikki was trapped in the Everneath), instead of it being a cliché insta-love kind of relationship. Cole was just…creepy. I guess he’s supposed to be, since he’s taking on the role of Hades and everything, but he’s still a weird immortal stalker. But at the same time, that’s one of the reasons I liked his character so much. I also loved the way elements of the classic myth found their way into the story, while remaining original. I also loved soaking up all the history, true and false, that this story was saturated in. There was so much to learn about the how and why, and I hope that book two comes packed with even more. The writing was simple and beautiful and very descriptively told and equally beautiful story. I can’t wait to read more by Brodi Ashton!