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Fablehaven  - Brandon Mull I have a (very obvious) secret. I hate cliche middle grade novels where a group of kids discover a magical secret and go on a quest to save the day. After Harry Potter, that seemed to be the theme of every single book out there. This is one of those books. So I had really low expectations. But I actually enjoyed it, despite being completely cliche and predictable.The characters were cardboard cut outs, but still kind of fun to read about. Kendra was the bossy older sister, and Seth was the disobedient little brother. And grandpa and the housekeeper both turned out to be a lot cooler than they thought. There was some character development, but it didn't come off as realistic at all.The writing was probably my favorite part of the book. It was excellent, and is probably what kept me reading more than anything else. The descriptions were awesome and beautiful, but at the same was very light and humorous.And even though I despise an excess of magical creatures, I had fun discovering these brand new takes on classic fantastical creatures!