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Uncommon Criminals (Heist Society Novels)

Uncommon Criminals - Ally Carter This book was exactly what I needed. I finished this book in, like, less than 3 hours. Which is unheard of coming from me, because I’m a super slow reader (Heist Society probably took me about 7 hours (not that I keep track)). It was just so fast-paced and fun that I couldn’t put it down!It’s very possible that this was better than Heist Society. This time, instead of dealing with some unknown paintings, Kat’s dealing with a cursed emerald, a mysterious woman who seems like an older Kat, and a frustrating, but nonetheless sweet, romance with W. W. Hale!I really liked the writing style. I know contemporary stuff can feel really generic sometimes, but this had so much personality to it! It was so clever, with subtle hints of humor. It tied together the story in a way that could keep even the most apprehensive readers entertained.