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The Selection - I know this book has about a zillion negative reviews, but I absolutely fell in love with it. I was expecting a sparkly fairy tale with hints of dystopia, and my expectations were more than met. I was actually completely uninterested in this book when I first heard about it, because I hate the Bachelor, but then I heard someone say it’s like Princess Academy for older teens, and I was instantly hooked!I think one reason people were somewhat turned off by this book was because it was compared to the Hunger Games, and they were expecting violence. But I see why the comparison was made. The first hundred pages or so were almost identical. Like borderline plagiarism. I could go on for hours pointing out the similarities (and maybe I will, but that’s another post!) I thought it was almost funny, though.The characters were kind of stereotypical, but still kept me interested. The love triangle was horribly cliché, but I survived. I didn’t like America’s behavior towards either love interest. She was so resistant and stubborn, when both boys were willing to do almost anything for her. Aspen had some anger issues, but Maxon was a sweetheart.The world-building wasn’t excellent, but definitely had some interesting aspects. It was most certainly a lighter dystopian read, but I was okay with that, because there’s so much dark, post-apocalyptic stuff out there, which I’m not crazy about.If you’re in the mood for a fairytale romance in a slightly twisted society, I highly recommend this one!