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Surrender (Possession, #2)

Surrender (Possession, #2) - Elana Johnson I really wanted to like this book. I think I even did at some points. I just don’t think this series is for me. Possession never did quite click for me, and while this came closer, it just didn’t quite reach that. This is still an excellent book, just not for me. And the worst part is, I don’t know why!The characters were well developed and believable. I loved all of them so much. They were complex and interesting. I liked seeing characters from Possession showing up in the lives of these brand new characters. The only things I didn’t like about them were the superpowers. They were epic, but some of them didn’t make sense, and some would just magically appear, and then just as quickly fade into nothingness.The plot was even more exciting than that of Possession, but I think I missed something, because I don’t think I fully understood the goal of the Insider’s, which is probably going to be so obvious. And while it was exciting, it wasn’t very memorable. I had the same problem with Possession, and went into it only remembering the most basic plot points. So many details are fading from my mind as I type this.The world-building I thought was better than in the first book, or maybe I was just already used to the world. Everything made a bit more sense than before. I only wish there had been more backstory, because I always want to know why everything is as it is. Maybe I just missed something big, but I felt kind of confused about all that.I still haven’t made up my mind up my mind about this one completely. Elana Johnson is certainly a talented writer, I just think maybe this isn’t the right series for me, and yet I’m still planning on reading any following books in this series.