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Dragon Spear - Jessica Day George Creel is off on a final adventure to visit the dragons in their new home. All is going well until Velika, the queen of the dragons, is kidnapped by a foreign species of dragons that believe that they are the chosen dragons and that she must be only their queen, and no one else's. Creel and her friends embark on their biggest adventure of all to go save the queen, and still get back in time for Creel and Luka's wedding. I went into this book not quite sure what to expect. The first book had been wonderful by itself, and the second one also seemed like a solid finish to a series, but now another book? I wasn't disappointed at all. Her writing was lovely, as always. The new setting seemed kind of strange at first, but the feeling fit, since everyone was experiencing this new landscape for the first time. It felt kind of like a mix between Polynesia and South America, but with dragons. I like these books more than any other books about dragons because they aren't just about dragons. There is a wonderful balance of both dragon stuff and human stuff that makes them appealing to lots of people. This had lots of exciting plot twists that kept me reading! It was thoroughly enjoyable!