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Finally - Wendy Mass Rory Swenson has been waiting for her 12th birthday for, well, 12 years! She’s been keeping a list of everything she’s allowed to do once she’s 12. From big things like getting her ears pierced to small things like buying lunch at school. But once she reaches the big 1-2, she isn’t prepared for the crazy ride that she’s in for. Everything on her list goes wrong. It turns out she’s allergic to all-natural makeup, her new pet bunny is actually a murderer, she sucks at being a certified babysitter, and so many more things. Not to mention that she’s an extra in a movie starring the hottest Hollywood actors around!I enjoy reading middle grade fiction. This book made my life seem so simple. My parents aren’t strict, so I never had to put up with this kind of stuff. I was allowed to do all the things on Rory’s list when I was 11, I’ve just chosen not to do some of them.Wendy Mass always impresses me. Her books are funny and clever and realistic, and you always learn something from them. The lessons I learned from this book are never buy a bunny named Kyle, stay away from coffee and contact lenses, and you can make a bigger impact on people than you think.