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Beastly - Alex Flinn Kyle Kingsbury has always been perfect. He’s rich and popular; what more could he ask for?When the girl who he picks on turns out to be a witch, he’s really in for it! Now he’s a beast, locked up in an apartment by his father who only cares about looking good, which his son does not. Being locked up with no one else but the old maid and the blind tutor is getting pretty dull, until he ends up getting a random girl from school stuck living with him.He only has a year left to make Lindy fall in love with him, or else be cursed to be ugly for eternity. I heard about this right around when the movie came out. It sounded interesting, and decided to delve in further. Finally, my library had a copy, so I grabbed it. I think the whole idea of a modern fairy tale is interesting, and this is probably the best execution of one that I've read so far. The tale of Beauty and the Beast can be taken so many different ways, and I think this version worked out pretty well. It stayed true to the story, while adding it's own twists. The only thing I wish it had, but was glad it didn't, was a more fairy tale-ish feeling. I love having that magic in a story, which is why I read fantasy stuff most of the time. At the same time, I'm glad it didn't have that because it just wouldn't fit the setting of the story at all!The characters were all very unique. Kyle/Adrian kind of grows on you after you see he's not such a bad guy after all! Lindy was also likeable, although I couldn't get the image of Vanessa Hudgens out of my head while reading this.