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Spindle's End - Robin McKinley After the birth of the long awaited princess, Katriona, the niece of a fairy, is the commoner from the Gig selected to go to the name-day celebration. Little does she know that this will change her life, and the whole world, forever.The poor little princess is cursed by the evil Pernicia that she will prick her finger one day and die. In order to protect the princess, the queen’s fairy, Sigil, sends the baby away with Katriona to live among peasants.There, Rosie is raised in as ordinary a life as possible while living with 2 fairies. She grows as any normal girl would, though with an ability to talk to animals and an unusual fondness of the blacksmith. She never knows that her guardians are doing everything in their abilities to keep her safe from her fate.Now I know why Robin McKinley is known as the queen of fairy tale retellings. It was simply beautiful. The beginning was kind of slow, but quickly picked up. The whole first couple pages were spent on nothing but explaining how magic works in this whole new world. It isn’t important to the story, but it does make it easier to understand the unfamiliar territory.All the characters were unique and realistic. I could relate to each of them in some way.The whole story seemed very familiar, but also very different at the same time. It was full of twists that kept me entertained.This book has convinced me to give Robin McKinley a second chance. Her writing is so beautiful, and I hope to enjoy more of it soon!