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Ballet Shoes

Ballet Shoes - I loved this book. I could relate to all the characters in different ways. Mostly Petrova, even though I'm completely different from her. I don't care about cars and planes. I love singing, dancing, and acting, and I'm definitely not the best in my theater class (but that's not to say that I'm bad at all, I just haven't been formally trained). I don't know how I can relate to her, but I just do.I love the relationship between the 3 sisters. It is nowhere near perfect, and reminds me a bit of me and my sisters. This takes place over a large portion of their childhood, not just 1 or 2 years, so they were given the time to mature realistically, not like in all the newer books today that are somewhat rushed. I could relate when it comes to money, although I was not used the 80 year old British money terms, making it somewhat confusing. Another thing that was confusing were all the clothing terms, since I don't sew, and I didn't live 80 years ago when this book took place, and fashion has evolved a lot!I have avoided learning any Shakespeare, but the little Shakespeare I heard in this book has sparked an interest.