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Of Poseidon - Anna Banks This is the perfect beach book! I actually live by the beach, and just happened to be out of town when I read it. I know—it sucks! But this book was determined to get part of the beach experience, so it spilled a bottle of water all over itself! Anyway…onto the actually review!From the first page I was hooked. There was never a dull moment. Whenever the opportunity for one arose, Emma and Galen were sure to do something exciting! And while I guessed the GINORMOUS twist very early on, there were lots of surprises popping up that kept me captivated.The plot was very character driven, which I really liked. They each added their own unique personality to the story, and kept me giggling the whole way through. I especially loved Galen, who was so sweet and considerate and loyal. I didn’t love Emma, but she was satisfactory enough.I loved the whole Syrena culture and history. My favorite scenes were those with the Archives (old Syrena whose job it is to remember the history (think the Giver)) sharing their memories with Galen. I also found the science of the Syrena interesting as the search for what exactly Emma is goes on. MATURE CONTENT: The one thing I didn’t like about this book is the fact that basically everything on the characters minds is sleeping with each other. I prefer my characters with somewhat cleaner minds. Because of how frequent this was, I had to knock the rating down a whole star and a half. Other than that, this book was fanflippingtastic!