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Delirium: The Special Edition

Delirium  - Lauren Oliver This book was definitely a unique experience. I feel like I’m the only blogger who didn’t completely fall in love with this book. It was really good, it just didn’t pull me in the way it has other readers.The premise was what interested me. There are plenty of dystopians where the society appears perfect because any and all causes of discord are erased from the world, but never has the cause of all this been love. If you think about it, it makes sense. Love and hate influence much of what we do, and have been the cause of many problems in our society. What would the world be like if we erased those things? Would things be better or worse? I don’t know, but I don’t want to find out!I like the fact that this is set in an alternate-present, instead of a far-away future. I think that’s something a lot of people didn’t get, but to me it seemed clear that this isn’t set sometime in the far future, but that their was a conflict sometime in the past that would’ve lead to the society being like this by now.Based on what I picked up from the story, the cure had been around for quite some time before Lena’s story takes place. Because of this, I wonder how inventions such as the internet came about. Any great invention can’t be invented without a passion burning behind it.I found the characters alright, but there wasn’t anything to make me love them. Lena seemed kind of shallow. She did whatever she was told, regardless of what she should’ve done. That wasn’t my biggest issue, though.There’s a moment towards the end where she says something along the lines of ‘I only feel beautiful when Alex tells me I am’ and that just wrecked her for me. If she doesn’t like herself, why should I?The story felt really slow paced. It took 200 pages in before anything exciting happened. I didn’t mind that so much. It made some room for world-building and getting to know the characters. After that, the pacing caught up and the story really began to pull me in, keeping me captivated the whole way through.