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A True Princess

A True Princess - Diane Zahler This was such a fun little book! It had all the magic and adventure that you look for in a middle-grade fantasy. It wasn’t anything deep and heart-wrenching, but it’s something that will make you smile!The plot was simple, but had enough to it to keep the reader turning pages. You can definitely tell it’s a retelling of the Princess and the Pea, but it has enough to it that it doesn’t have to depend on that aspect. I also thought it was clever how the “True Princess” stuff is incorporated.The only thing I didn’t like was the dialogue, which felt stiff and awkward. I think the author was trying to make it sound like what you’d imagine fairy tale characters would sound like, but it didn’t flow as it should’ve.The characters were all enjoyable to read. Each and every one was unique and kept me interested. Lilia was a strong character, not afraid to embark on a journey to find out who she is. Those who accompanied her made for wonderful companions. I found the romances going on kind of strange (Kai and Lilia? I saw theirs as a brother/sister relationship…)