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The Pregnancy Project

The Pregnancy Project: A Memoir - Gaby Rodriguez POSTED ON Debz BookshelfThis was such an interesting read. Definitely not the type of book I'd normally pick up. It's non-fiction and it's about teen pregnancy--not my kind of book at all! I'm really glad that I read it, though. It shares that story of a normal teenage girl who came from a family of poverty and teen pregnancy, who wanted to break the pattern and rise above the stereotype. It really helped me appreciate what others go through, and taught me to be less judgmental.The writing wasn't perfect, but it did it's job and told the story that needed to be told. There was a lot of narrative, which really helped me understand her.I think this would be a wonderful book for anyone to read. It isn't as much about teen pregnancy as it is about rising above the stereotypes and statistics and being all that you can be.(Read this through the Pulse It program for teens by Simon & Schuster)