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Entwined - ORIGINALLY POSTED ON Debz BookshelfThis book was just so...lush. It was so soft and smooth and clear and just perfect! I love historical fantasy, when a completely fantastical adventure is placed in an actual time and place. This book takes place sometime in the Victorian Era, and captures that world so beautifully.I have to say my favorite character was Lord Teddy. I want my own Lord Teddy! He was so kind and funny and loyal and caring and smart and just an all around amazing guy! Mr. Bradford was great, too, but no one can replace Lord Teddy!This is the first retelling of the 12 dancing princesses where I could keep all the princesses straight, because of their uniquely lovely names. Some of the middle ones personalities got jumbled in my brain, but most of the times I could sort them out.The writing was flawless. It vividly brought to life this fairy tale in a whole new way.This is my new favorite retelling of the 12 dancing princesses (and I've read quite a few to compare it to!)If you enjoy magic, mystery, and romance, then you better start reading this right now!